Powerpoint and other problems

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Message Mar 17 Avr 2018, 08:33


We use a large combination of stills and video loops,
But there is still a bunch of stuff we need to run in powerpoint.
PP is the easiest method of content creation for presentations and it would be much easier if we could just import them straight into resolume. then we could blend and overlay them onto our other clips.
We were just running PPT over the top of resolume before, but with the new version, resolume output always overrides all other programs so we have to disable output before using PPT or VLC for video clips.
Another problem im having is that many clips that i render in DXV for resolume end up not working properly. often they glitch and the audio can go out of sync. plus the video file size is over 800mb for a 3min vid instead of 60mb. Which is why we are still stuck using VLC for many of our video clips.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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